Lasting Ephemera

Tomoyo-chan in Wonderland

Sami Tevriel
10 December 1980
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The first thing you should know about me: I'm incapable of summing myself up in a mini-biography. And anything I write here which is current, I'll forget to update. As it is I look over this every six months or so and change something. (Where by "six months" I sometimes mean "year or three", really...)

These things are true: my hair is dark and curls. My eyes are pale (and do not curl). Everything else is rather ephemeral.

Edit, 1/9/07: Yeah, really. That's been up here for several years now. Still, a little more detail: I fangirl some things, get irrationally passionate about a number of subjects, enjoy reading non-fiction and writing fiction. (Sometimes I write non-fiction and quite often I read fiction, just to mix it up.) I like people, as a rule.